From Writing It Completely To Designing The Cover And Inside With Indesign Cs4

Hello. I am writing my first book. i feel very excited about it, and I want it to be perfect, just like any other writer would want his or her first book to be perfect when it gets published. I want to go to a publisher with it (it's not finished yet.. at all.. stil a lot of work on to do!) and when the publisher receives my Indesign file(s) (maybe it is better to make a file for each chapter so that he won't receive one way too big file but a few not too big files LOL) and that he will say "hey cool! this one is camera ready!"

... so that he doesn't need any graphic designer or desktop publisher to edit my book, so that its ready to be printed/pressed.

I graduated as a graphic designer and I took some extra studies as a desktop publisher (desktop publishing pre-press) which is really cool but I feel like I'm missing some knowledge and I don't know all about designing a complete book in Indesign CS4.

First question: what size should i give my book? Am planning to design it completely in Indesign CS4. is there a standard size? Different publishers prefer different sizes i think. i want it to be perfect. Then I also need to figure out the spine width, which I have no clue how to calculate because I'm sure every publisher will use different thicknesses of paper. Help. :/
or is it doesn't even matter what size of book I will chose?

second question and most important question: i want to avoid any fishy situations. i want a publisher to publish my book, and i want to pay anything for it that it takes to get it in the bookstores in Belgium (thats where i come from) . But how can i know for sure I will not pay too much (more then i should be paying so i wont get fooled..) ?

can anyone please give me some advice about this? I've never done this before.. i really hope my book will be in the bookstores one day as it will be about my insights that helped people before to find strength, hope and faith, and its also about God-dreams and angel-dreams but you really don't have to believe in God or angels to find it interesting, then you can read them as bedtime stories. My friends have told me before they are really special and lovely to read and they actually asked me to make a collection of those dreams, and of my insights. If an english version will ever be published it will be called Angelic Lights. My profile picture will be the cover kinda. In Dutch the book will be called Engelenlicht (thats the translation kinda of "angelic lights").

If anyone could give me some advice i would be forever greatful! mwuahhh!

take care xx

AngelicLights AngelicLights
31-35, F
Jul 27, 2010