Death Is One Answer


It was as much a surprise to me as anyone to hear President Barack Obama state that our rising health cost was THE number one issue leading us into economic debt.

 The number one… I would have guessed the trade deficit, our government’s bailout program or war in the Mid-east.    

The major leading cause of our rising health care cost is the cost of caring for those over 55. The simple fact is that baby boomers are increasingly becoming 55 and older. We will soon have more people over 55 then under.

Keep in mind two points…  

(1.) Between age 5 and 55 there is small need for health care. 

  (2.) Our dominate culture believes we should hold on to life at all cost.    

I am suggesting that we rethink our attitudes toward death. If we are able to change our bias against death with dignity, then it would be easier for all of us, and our families, to embrace death and forgo the pain and expense of our lingering illness long before the inevitable end comes to us.

It may even be the Patriotic thing to do…DD    

Dewduster Dewduster
66-70, M
4 Responses Mar 8, 2009

Get off your high horse pntdhorse61.<br />
1,) You didn't say anything that is not common knowledge.<br />
<br />
2.) I SUGESTED that we CONSIDER changeing our bias against death with dignity. Can you not read AND understand?<br />
What is your problem?...DD

The leading cause of our national debt I do not think is health care. persay. If it is health care, i believe it is more due to lawsuites than anything else. That is figured into that. Obama and his crew are not going to tell you that part. To them just like with most if they omit something it is not lieing. If you take away all the law suites then figure health care. Then maybe he is right. If you become sick and want to fight for every minute to stay alive then that is a persomal choice. You make sound like the best thing to do at the age of 55 is just quit. You may want to. That is your choice. If you are going to call that being pratriotic. I am glad my future and the future of other Americans are not in your hands. The government can do things to stop some of the cost. But will not. Nor will the Medical Profession. Why? That Cancer, There are cures for almost every kind of cancer. But cancer alone means Billions and billions of dollars to the medical profession and to the government. So they keep cures outside of the U.S. just because they are a bunch of greedy S.O.B.'s. That is the truth. cancer isn't the only thing there are cures for outside The U.S. It is just one of many. Research it yourself.

I agree with you there. Unchecked greed and poor investments is the main cause of our economic crisis.<br />
<br />
Health Care is the leading cause of National Debt...DD

health care cost is not the reason for the economic crisis we are in now.