I Might Be a Hippy!!!!


I was talking a friend the other day and somehow we ended up talking about some of the things that I like and that I like to do…as I am going through the list of things about me, My friend came to the realization that I am a…a… oh god I can’t say it…. uhhh…ummmm…a hippie.


OMG when did that happen?

NOOoooo… I was a late life baby of hippies, tried and true love children from the 60’s, I always look at THEM when I think of a hippie not ME!!!!! I guess in the grand scheme of things the apple doesn’t fall to far from the tree.

Stupid fruit bearing trees.

So I devised a little test to see where you fit on the hippie scale. Now mind you I am not a math brain so this test is totally unreliable but hey…what do you expect from a hippie? (sigh)

Okay here goes:

Add ten if you do, subtract 10 if you don’t

1) I bake my own bread from scratch

2) I make my own granola

3) I would love to have a big old garden

4) I do own Birkenstocks…But hey I bought them on TV! 5 pts.

5) I have an SUV but it is a hybrid!

6) None of my dishes match…on purpose

7) The color scheme in my house looks like a clown threw up…. house of many colors.

8) I rarely wear make-up but I do love fruity lip goss

9) I am a Democrat

10) I am an atheist

11) I am a vegetarian…. A really, really bad one!

12) I am self –employed, I couldn’t work for “The Man”

13) I am not impressed by what money can buy

14) I wear little or no jewelry…I only took 5 pts on this cause hippies can wear some weird jewelry!

15) I wear vanilla lotion instead of perfume….hey but I wear deodorant! 5 pts.

16) I do an hour of yoga at least 3 times a week.

17) I do meditate…some. 5 pts.

18) I don’t believe in the death penalty

19) I have protested publicly about things I feel strongly about.

20) I believe we need a better healthcare system and I am all for a social plan.

21) I almost always give to the less than fortunate on a street corner.

22) I dislike war, especially this one.

23) I do wear short skirts and tank tops….add 10 YAY!

24) I LOVE high heeled shoes….add 10 YAY AGAIN!

25) I am barefoot A LOT!

26) I get manicures and pedicures… add 10 Woo-Hoo!

27) I love Jon Stewart!

28) I love Howard Zinn and all cool anti-culture philosophers.

29) I don’t watch much TV at all and I have never seen Lost (shoot me)

30) I am a nature girl at heart

Okay so there you have it, now…

If you scored a negative number or less than 100:

I like you but, ummmm …why would you talk to me? LOL


Yay! We should get together for coffee, tea or soymilk lattes. Ha,Ha,Ha

200 and up:

Wanna come live in my commune?

Well this was fun and I know that no matter the score I adore each and every one of my hippy-ish and non hippy-ish friends, even on points where we differ. Diversity is what it is all about!

So this is me in a nutshell…now what about you? 


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2 Responses Sep 2, 2009

I feel pretty sure I am one too :)

I scored 180,but then I'm not a nature girl and I don't wear short skirts(much anymore)so can I still live in your commune?