A Mirror

I am a privet person. That doesn't like to share things with other people. I have always liked being by my self. I guess in a way that I have always been this kind of a person. I have never liked being around that many people. I also don't like to be the center of attention. That has never been me at all. I am just a mirror type person.
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1 Response Mar 12, 2011

There is nothing wrong with this, and i appreciate your courage telling this to the public! <br />
Although this is perfectly fine, there may come a time when something painful, emotional or hurtful happens in your life. <br />
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what will you do then?<br />
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you need to create a security net. this website is a great idea too! maybe join other websites or chat rooms if its hard for you to talk. keep a journal, hide it someplace safe...but the bottom line...dont keep everything inside....it will hurt you more than you think<br />
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i am so happy your able to be yourself and not feel bad about it. that is a great trait to have<br />
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