I Am A Lady (and I Beleive In Being Fair)

I was brought up to be fair minded and to be considerate of other people's feelings,

and to understand them, although you may not  be in agreement with them at the time

and may feel like saying so, it is wise to choose your words carefully, because the Bible

tells us the most destructive part on the human body is the "Tongue" because it can cause

many life's to be ruined by lies and deceitful intentions which causes destruction of a persons

life or life style.  This does not make you a weak person it makes you a wiser and better

person, in the eyes of God, and to your friends and family that know you best. 

I do believe in defending one's self, but in an appropriate way , not name calling, lying. these

would just make you as low as the person that is out to harm you. or ruin your life.  The

Bible tells us "If you live by the sword you shall die by the sword,"  and I believe this to be true with

words to because they can cut like a knife.

If you keep this saying in heart and mind then your life will be full of Joy.

In all your ways of going through life (good or bad) acknowledge him (God) and he will direct thy path.. 

Thewronglady Thewronglady
46-50, F
Apr 7, 2010