Guess I'm Ok

i'm only 36% a sociopath, so i'm not as nutty as i thought! i thought i'd score as high as floydian or higher, but he's got me beat! LOL

jerrica jerrica
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10 Responses Feb 17, 2009

i think you're right, destiney lol.

LOL. u must be, getting me to admit things that even some of my family doesn't know!

Mwahahahahaha I am devastatingly charming you see! :P

"miss j runs from both floydian and needitdeep!" lol. yes u do have a way of making me spill the beans, don't u? lol

Well you just made me mad.. x-l<br />
<br />
Yeah yeah make all fun of me, someday I am going to get you and you cant say no, my charm works on you. You always spill the beans with me! :P

compliment compliment! i sure don't want to make u mad lol

Hmmm should I take that as a tantrum or compliment? x-l

LOL. yes u are higher than the rst of us. is that a good thing? lol. i guess i'm not as crazy as i feel lol

Haha..higher than me huh?<br />
<br />
I just saw the whole group, I am the highest! :-s