Well, Maybe.......

You Are 60% Sociopath You're not a sociopath, but you're very prone to antisocial behavior.
Other people's opinions matter little to you. You live your own fringe life - for better or worse. 




Antisocial!! Don't tell me I'm antisocial!!! I'll rip your throat out!!!!!


And I don't care what you think, either!

Lampwick Lampwick
51-55, M
10 Responses Feb 18, 2009

To bad you twisted your ankle and couldn't complete your escape, My Dear!<br />
And now that I have you, can do with you as I wish....Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha!

LOL!! " miss j bails out of the second floor window!"

Ha! It's locked! I think it's to late for the lovely Miss J...........I have her under my control!!!!

" miss j runs for the door!" lol

Just relax while I tighten these knots...............

a little cold but mainly happy to "see" you lol

Is it cold in here or are you just happy to see me?

well maybe other things stood up too. or out, i should say lol

Only the back of the neck?<br />
Don't worry my dear, this will only seem kinky the first time........

just like with floydian, i knew i felt the hairs stand up on the back of my neck when i talk to you! lol