I Already Knew I Was, But...

So, I already know I am, but whatever. The first time I took this test, I answered every question that seemed pretty applicable. I scored:

You Are 88% Sociopath

You're so manipulative, you could make Hannibal Lector your *****.
You feel superhuman - and you certainly lack human empathy.



But that's really high, even for me. So the second time I went through and answered only the questions which are always strongly true. No surprise, I still scored as a sociopath:

You Are 68% Sociopath

The good news is that you're devastatingly charming.
The bad news? You mostly use those charms for evil!

Phage Phage
26-30, F
12 Responses Feb 27, 2009

depends on your perspective really. if you're a blind goat, then you're probably right.

you're not charming at all. you're trying too hard. sick.

=D I'm so happy to be here! <br />
<br />
Ignore my random comment. I had to express my happiness, maybe shove my existance out there as well! Peace! - or not, either way!

Oh, wow, thanks for your awesome advice. I'll just go shape up right now!<br />
<br />
No, wait, never mind. I never take advice from trolls.

Lol wow woman you really have no clue about the world itself or anybody and anything in it.. Youve probably just convinced yourself over and over that your a sociopath and put all your feelings away because youve been hurt so much... Your just pathetic and need to grow up..Your lucky you havent met someone that has shot you in the head because of your wanna be sociopath behavour lmfao your a sad lonely little girl whos probably 13 yrs old.. And u know you got a low self esteem stop trying to cover it up with thinking ur better then everyone else and admit to yourself u got feelings . sometimes it takes a good kick in the ******* *** to relize ur a human.. u develop what you learn over the years of growing up..

I'm NOT going to get fat. But that aside, I have other ways of making money. Ones that I enjoy. Right now it's selling various technically-legal scams to people over the internet... and some other stuff.

Not to diminish my beauty, I'm sexy and all that, but that's hardly the only tool I have to succeed. If the opportunity presents itself, I'm definitely up for taking advantage of rich men, but it's not something I'm set on seeking out, either.

Are you encouraging me to be a gold digger?

Aww, poor dear :p<br />
<br />
I've always felt lonely and somewhat alien, like I'm missing a piece of what it takes to be human. The fact that it's a piece that I'm mostly happy not to have is beside the point, I still don't like thinking I'm missing out.<br />
<br />
Determining I was a sociopath was a strange, if basically positive experience for me. It explains so much, and it means I'm not alone in the world. There are kindred spirits out there, people whose motives and values make sense to me. They don't tend to be nice people, and I can't imagine there are many I'd like to know in person, but that's fine. If they were any other way they wouldn't really be much like me.

HA-you got me!I was trying to help a damsel in distress and got poked in the eye.<br />
I do remember when I was first told I was a sociopath in 1965. I felt so alone. <br />
I just felt something for you. Now you have crushed the last little bit of compassion left in my heart. LMAO.<br />
It is not easy caring soooo much for a soulless soul mate…DD

Oh chill, I'm too bright to trust some online quiz to be anything more than a source of amusement. I posted scores here for the same reason as everyone else, because dumb quizzes are kinda fun. I knew what I was well before I happened upon this.<br />
<br />
And I doubt I could actually sue them. Which is too bad, because that would be kinda fun.

Please ignore this sophomoric 2 bit quiz. You should sue the idiot who made it up. <br />
Please take the time to see a counselor and /or take more advance test. <br />
Please do not believe this joke of a test. Get help before you act out this persona. You have a divine essence inside you and you need to focus on that persona. FEED you IDEAL self not some BS image…DD