Your Depression Level: 4%

You aren't depressed, and you probably already knew that.
Like everyone else, you have ups and downs.
But unlike most people, you've mastered keeping your mood stable.

Pretty accurate.

MiaMyopic MiaMyopic
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16 Responses Feb 11, 2010

Which one would you be?

Hehe those two are hilarious.

I am pretty out there lol. But hey, were a good team, like cheech and chong.

You are the entertaining one, I enjoy your company... You're randomness leaves me in stitches and awe

My confessions and for entertainment, you are quite entertaining.

Uh oh, luring me to where for what and whyyyyy

I'm luring you, hahahahaha. My trap worked!

Yes I can! You just watch... and just so you know I am not following you ... you just got here before me. Are accusing me? Whats with the fifty questions woman gawd!!!!

Can your famous drunken stumble to a world known dance craze like the macarena.

Well keep it going woman!

OMG, this was a funny thread while it lasted.

oh, be careful!

*hugs*<br />
<br />
we need to sober your drunk *** up.

*tumbles back in* whoah! that was cool! Okay, I forgive you *hugs*

Awwwwwwwwwwwwwwww.....he was nothing.

Not true, I am very depressed. I had a really bad break up today after a day and a half of blood sweat and tears that I put into the relationship. Then I find out I was cheated on because someone looked nice in a cape. *sighs* I am pretty sure it is depression... *takes a big drink out of the whiskey bottle, belches, then slurs* fook them bashterds! All be bedderrrr offfff fock thet $hhhhhet mannnn. *falls down on her way out of the confession*