Single Life

My first love he was everything to me, i cared for him and still wish good for him. But I'm single now and see no other way to be right now. Life is full of stress and unavoidable problems, unknown love shouldn't be one of them. It takes time to know a person and since I'm often home and not out and about I've begin to like my life. There is no rush for love.
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I was married for 30 years, and have been single for 8 and enjoy every minute. My X and I are still great friends. I see her my kids and grandkids several times a year but I do enjoy being single.<br />
I date once in awhile, it's nice to go to dinner or have someone to travel with but I don't need it.

I envy you. At least you know what love is. I have been single all my life. And yes I'm a 34 year old virgin guy. I am 5'11" 160lb and fit but have a lazy eye so im less then desirable. I decided in junior high that love was not for me due to low self esteme and bullying. I have stayed true to my oath. Touch from another person shocks me and feels foreign. I love woman but they are like a distant star. Beautiful to look @ but so far away that you dont know what makes them up and fear that you get to close you will be burned up and dystroyed in thier brightness.<br />
I have been told that I flirt with woman I just met but what i think what they call flirting is what I call being polite and courteous. I put all my time into work but my close friends do take me out of my house for private get togethers.<br />
I will admit that I get lonely during the nights and wish I had need for a bed bigger then a twin. My bedroom isn't even the master in my house. A 1070 sq ft house I own. The master is the spare with the queen.<br />
I'm afraid so day I'll get a chink in my armour and will break down my defences and 'the one' if she exists will spill into my hollow center. I have zero clue of the politics of relationships and most likly make a complete tool of myself. Its hard to get back on the bike if all you did was walk. <br />
<br />
Well I made this proverbial bed so I guess I have to sleep in it. Please don't make the same bed.

Yeah it's easy when i surround myself with friends who want to have fun and know how to enjoy life.

i feel the same, my first love, didnt like me.....i was already divided between being alone amd being with someone, in the end im better off alone