i'd say i'm pretty happy. sure there are those nights or days that i feel lonely but what i can't stand about being in a relationship is i can't help but feel tied down. i hate the thought of "belonging" to someone. i know it's not really like that but that's how i feel so i just prefer being single. i'll probably want to settle someday.
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I was married for 30 years and have been single for the last 8, I do enjoy being single. You're young you have along way to go, so never say never.<br />
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One of my daughters was married at 22, the other waited untill she was 33, take your time, the right one will come along.

yeah, i'll give someone a try every once in a while but it's not something i really want. being in a relationship makes me feel obligated to see them rather than seeing them because i truly want to. i'm sure once i meet the right person that will change completely though :) we're all just figuring it out as it comes i guess!

Interesting! Most people NEED someone in their lives. I'm not sure what type I am. I go back and forth. I love it one day and hate it the next.