Your Love Score Is: 75.....but I Am Not In Love *s*

Your Love Score Is: 75

It's truly love. You have an amazing partner and a wonderful relationship.

Your relationship isn't perfect, but you know how to work with each other to make it better.

You both listen to one another, give freely, and do your best to make things work.

While you have ups and downs like any other couple, you're good at getting through the bad times together.

And although you find it easy to love your partner, you understand that lasting love doesn't come easily.

You are both willing to give this relationship everything you have. And luckily, that's all it takes to make it work.

Crina Crina
2 Responses Feb 24, 2010

LOL I know crazy right! Welcome :-)

Ha!! ha!! Crina! i like it! lollollol :-) and you even scored 75, 5 less than me! lmao! thank you for sharing my friend! :-)