Why Yes I Am

Simply speaking I love both masculine and feminine aspects of my persona. I feel it is the perfect fit for me. I can throw on a dress shoes and some sparkly bling, brush up my hair dab on some lipstick and be ready for a nice romantic evening out with my sweetheart laughing and having a great girls night out. Or I can jump into my overalls, grab my hammer and put the finishing touches on my nest. I can sit around drinking tea in my yoga pants and cami. I can grab my outdoor gear (climbing, hiking, camping or what ever) and sink my hands, muscles mind into some great adrenaline activities. I can don my sport casuals go shopping for hours, grocery, clothes, lumber, gear, what ever.

Yes, I'm both, and I think more people should allow themselves to be, I find it so disappointing when someone says I can't because that's too girly, or that's just to rough for me! The world with it's stereotypes and expectation doesn't limit us, we do!

So I take the test!

You Are 67% Feminine, 33% Masculine     Post it now!




  You are in touch with your feminine side.
Sensitive, intuitive, and caring are all words that describe you.
You tend to go with how you feel. You trust your intuition.
And you're just masculine enough to relate to both men and women. I guess I'm wrong about myself. I just like feeling pretty no matter what I enjoy doing.
JoanieNewHampshire JoanieNewHampshire
61-65, T
1 Response Jan 10, 2013

Hi Joanie, I must agree aswell with Wendy and yourself honey. I too love my feminine side and love being girly but can put on my pouch and hammer away the day building no worries.
I am having issues as all sisters do with being a man in a dress but my femininity is pulling me towards her.
I love your stories and think you have made it in your life balancing being femine and masculine something which I am tring to sort out with myself.
I would love to carry this on more if you like to mail me as I think you are a beautiful woman and someone like my own heart.
Hugs and Kisses
Lov Shanna xoxox

HI Shanna, Thank you and by all means send me a message! Just the other day Dee and I had been out doing girl stuff. When we got back home She had some work to do and I had a couple of things that needed Hammering in the family room. Needless to say, I didn't even break a nail. Being feminine does just mean you have to be fluffy or glamorous It's just a wonderful nicety in life that allows you to see things from a softer perspective.!