Honesty On My Sexuality:

Am I Masculine or Feminine?

Hmmmmmmm, that depends on what your specifically asking about.

On a spectrum of Masculine being on one end and Feminine on the other, I'm at the center.  It depends on who I am with.  If I'm involved with a man, my femininity rises, but also live life as rational and emotional.  If I'm involved with a women, my opposite side of their personality is mine.  Be it 50 - 50, or if it's 75/25 one way for them, I'm 25/75 the other.  I have been 100% fem b4, or 100% masculine in a relationship.

On a spectrum of my homosexuality, on one end being 100% Straight and the other 100% Gay, I would say I'm near the center, which is Bi.  I have been in both types of relationships.  I love both Men and Women.  It's about the person and who they are.  Gender has nothing to do it.

On the spectrum of chemistry & attraction toward a particular gender, I would say 90% lesbian women and 10% straight men.



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7 Responses Mar 8, 2009

I am the male mirror image. I have been with both, but prefer now being with more dominant men.

What I find most interesting about your great story is that I could say almost the same thing, even though I am a male. I should add that I am a crossdresser and bi also. yet. like you, I am sometimes, 1oo% male (when being sexual with a female), and almost 100% feminine (when with a male). Thanks for your insight.

Hi Cordett, Wow, it seems to me your more honest than the average person. Thanks for sharing.

I am a straight male but have learned to appreciate my feminine side. I actually enjoy housework, dressing in feminine clothing and being a submissive and obedient housewife to my bride. I am very feminine but could not consider a relationship with anyone but my wife.



thanks my friend.