There Are Many

As ever Enid Blyton, there was a big book of Fairy Tales. Still fantasy and romance today. We had a wonderful teacher who read The Hobbit to us, I was hooked and read The Lord of the Rings. We had wonderful English teachers, so there was: My Family and Other Animals, Jane Eyre and Animal Farm They gave me wanderlust and a love of the classics, Wuthering Heights and Pride and Pred. Not to mention a sixth form where we read the Iliad because of Michael Wood. Everything by Orwell and McEwan, weirdly Will Self. So many more ...
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When I was young I read all the famous five books I loved them. Think that was what gave me the reading bug.

You were so lucky to have a wonderful teacher to introduce you to the classics.<br />
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LOVE Wuthering Heights and Jane Eyre <br />
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I had forgotten Will Self .. his writing is intriguing for sure :)<br />
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Loved reading My Family and other Animals :)