Should Not!!! Date A Vampire!!, Ha!! Ha!! :-)

You Should Not Date a Vampire
You just don't understand what all the vampire fuss is about. You certainly do not find the ideas of vampires sexy.
What's hot about someone who wants to bite through your skin? Yuck! Plus, you're pretty sure vampires have bad breath.

And you're definitely not drawn to that sickly, pale look. Or all that moodiness - no thanks!
You think that regular old humans are plenty attractive. You can't imagine why anyone would pick a broody beast over a healthy, alive person.

I thought not!!! ha!! ha!! stands to reason i supose!! :-)
welshbabe welshbabe
46-50, F
7 Responses Aug 11, 2010

Ha!!ha!ha! lmao!!! i thought your comment was funny mewold lol, no!, i wasn't offended, my very good friend, i like a man with a sense of humour!! anyway, lol "what are you like hey" lollollol

Thank you for answering back Crina!! :-) Loves ya! hun!! :-)

Thanks Crina, welshbabe, I hope I didn't offend you. I didn't intend to.

You are very welcome Welshbabe, love you back!!!!! Meworld I like that lol

There are many things a man may want sucked, but his blood is not one of them. lol

Afraid not, my baby!!, afraid not!!, thank you!!, my beautiful friend, for your comment! :-) Loves ya!!!! :-) xoxoxo...............................

LOL love the results no Edward Cullen for you X-X LOL<br />
<br />