Well Ok Then.

You Are 52% Likely to Survive Another Great Depression Even though you may not be expecting the worst, you're the type of person who prepares for the worst.
You live a relatively modest life. You don't overspend, and you aren't very materialistic.

You are also quite self sufficient and independent. You have many useful skills.
You can take care of yourself and those you love... which is crucial to surviving another Great Depression.

AmberRenee AmberRenee
26-30, F
2 Responses Feb 1, 2009

the questions were more about how much property do you own and how much savings do you have. i don't think all that really applies. i think what's important is resourcefulness and the aptitude for not whining about dumb stuff.

The immpression i get from the words, means the 52% figure makes no sense at all.