Am I?


People Really Like You!

You're simply a great person, and most people who meet you realize it right away.

You're kind, interesting, outgoing, friendly, and polite.

Your friends are lucky to know you. You're a joy to be around.

You are definitely well liked by almost everyone. You're a very popular person!

What People Like About You:

People like that you don't gossip or talk poorly of others. They trust that you will speak positively about them too.

People like that you are genuine and real. They can count on you to be yourself.

People like your self deprecating sense of humor and that you don't take yourself too seriously.

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2 Responses Mar 4, 2010

It is funny cus yesterday I was thinking about you and I told myself, Michelle is such a nice person : )) I'm so glad we are friends. I surely do believe this post is so true. You are a great person & friend. Hugs.

You are a great friend!!....I personaly think that everything said in this post IS TRUE!!....thanks for this beautiful friendship! : ) *hugs*