Uhm, I'm Not Sure On This Result.. I Said That Kissing Was Great On It's Own.. O.o But Okay Lol

You Kiss Like a Man

For you, kissing is a very sexual act. It's all about physical attraction.
You tend to take the lead with kissing. If you're attracted to someone, you want to kiss as soon as possible.

You prefer aggressive kisses. You like to test limits and see where a kiss goes.
Kissing makes you feel closer to your partner. You see kissing as a fast track to intimacy.
Ariesgrl21 Ariesgrl21
18-21, F
1 Response Sep 11, 2012

what a perfect phrase: "...test limits and see where a kiss goes..."<br />
<br />
that sums up the difference between a familial kiss and a strangers kiss ;)