99 Problems of Hell No

No i did not take the quiz

But i know i don't need a shrink some Dr. Phil wanna be

Some mind raping soul ******* emotional sadist

That will tear out your heart and make you step on it- and call this liberating

Verbally beat the **** out of you and till there are no tears left- call it objectivity

Send you home shaking and in tears from having vomited up your WORST experiences with no support no compassion no shoulder to cry on no hugs are against the rules blurs the lines of doctor and patient-this is called talk therapy 

They are your therapist not your friend their job is to get you better not coddle you forget if a little of that is what you need forget if they've left you with the emotional equivalent of 3rd degree burns and the horrid thing we call treatment  

Diagnose you with a double digit number of disorders hop you up on twice that many medications- call this phase 1 of "treatment" 

Then sent you on supposed exercises doing various things you do not want or need to do usually inducing abject terror and you win if you manage not to have a heart attack- this is supposedly called progress  

They stomp the anger out of you by intimidation threats of more meds forced psych hospitalization  if you point out the stupidity of it all or tell them it makes you feel worse that this is current the reason for your suicidal thoughts, homicidal thoughts, cutting drug use, binging, purging, not eating, panic attacks whatever

And they think this whole process and other horrors not mentioned is necessary for healing

And people wonder why i won't go anywhere near 1

I got 99 problems but s shrink aint 1


even the test agrees with me


Do You Need Therapy? There's a 31% Chance That You Need Therapy You may need therapy, but you're probably doing okay at working out your own problems.
In general, you are able to solve any troubles that come up. But there's no harm in talking to a professional. and there is ALWAYS harm in talking to a professional!
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read my story in the group i believe therapy is a waste of time you'll see what i mean

I suppose my experience has been different. My therapist is fine with focusing on real solutions to the problems of everyday life. Focus on coping skills- how to calm and sooth myself when I am angry and upset, how to not get so overwhelmed, or how to communicate what I need and want without causing problems in my relationships. We never talk about painful experiences from the past and I while I do occasionally end up in tears it is always over something I would have cried about even if I hadn't seen him. I am usually glad he is there when I cry as he helps me stay focused on solving the problem rather than get so caught up in my emotions that I ignore the problem altogether. Therapy can be what you want it to be as long as you let your therapist know what you are and are not willing to do and talk about. You just really have to be very very clear about what your goals are and find a therapist that you actually like.


That's good that you stayed away from the diagnosis and meds. <br />
I was put on meds for awhile as a kid and I felt they changed my personality and i had to spend some time rediscovering it and finding myself again. I've heard similar stories too. A great deal of modern therapy seems way too shallow

not all of this story is mine just observations and things from others <br />
<br />
i have NEVER been disgnosed or medicated i haave nerver seen more than a school counselor <br />
<br />
and NEVERR will for the reason listed above i will die first

I definitely think therapists need to be more compassionate and humanistic. I have an ideal of what a good therapist should be like but I haven't really seen it. I agree with you there. I don't like when therapists get too 'diagnosis-happy' and 'med-happy'. Sometimes people just see a disorder and not a really unique sensitive individual behind all that and don't treat people with the respect and compassion they deserve.

Not all therapists/shrinks/counselors are a waste of time, energy and money but some definitely are.<br />
tulik I get why you hate them especially the medication part. I have my own personal story...had misdiagnosed Lyme Disease where doctors drugged me with antianxiety meds...and made me worse. <br />
We need to have people who "get us" and care about us in our lives. At least I do.<br />
Good friends who have the time to talk with us might keep a lot of people from therapy. <br />
I'm sorry tulick that you've had such a tough time with shrinks.

why do you need therapy??

I have a a wonderful daughter, 3 super great grandkids, a husband who loves me, a wonderful family, lving sisters and brother, no financial problems, beautiful home, nice cars, sucessful in my job with job security, Hell...I even have nice shoes! Do I need therapy??? YES...I do! I feel like I am going crazy sometimes!!!

i hate shrinks and this is why?

Good to get that out your head on on the page , well done .... Tulick


well you tell me did i get it right?

very good.