Baths In The Winter

I live in Wisconsin. Lately it has been very cold (-20) and my apartment is not very well insulated. I use my bath tub like a sauna on Sundays. Today I got into the bath tub just after waking up because the contrast between the heat under the blankets and the cold air in my apt. is enough to make you want to get to the warmest thing possible as fast as possible. So I sat in the bathtub making the water gradually as hot as possible. There are these frankly arctic breezes that come through a place where the window is broken, but this is actually kind of nice once the body gets warmed up. Because it is so cold it also has a very fresh and pure feeling about it. In fact, the purity of it makes me think of Baltic, Scandinavian, and Polish choral music and I was playing some today while in the bath. After I get out of the bath, I am no longer cold and can even walk around my apartment for a while without clothes on and feel ok. I seem to dry very quickly. Today I just sat on the couch for a while drying off almost instantly without using a towel, then put on some shorts and began cooking Indian food for lunch. It felt as if my body was ok, as long as it had time to warm up. I have been feeling acclimated the rest of the day.
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2 Responses Jan 20, 2013

I like your story. I prefer baths and often take bath adding rose oil. I like the smell, I like the warmth the bath gives to my body. I have candels burning in my bathroom. Both romantic and relaxing.

I don't think I would like living in Wisconsin. I get cold easily.