Flight Is Sometimes Best

I have been in situations that would surprise you with their danger. And I have always been triumphant-lived another day. For my journey is far from over. But not for a long time. Here is a recent one. Really miniscule compared to running for my life or confronting dangerous people face to face.
I am petite. But mighty. I am Huntress, a warrior....And I use my skills...Hone them to stay prepared cause one never knows what can happen.
This was in broad daylight. I left the courthouse. Had filed the papers for freedom. Had lots on my mind. Needed to go to the bathroom. Had noticed a public one as I cut through the park. Public bathrooms are undesirable. Dirty. Reek of urine. I only use them if absolutely necessary. And this was one of those times. So I approached it. A man was lingering near the men's bathroom. This made me instantly more alert. It is not usual. Not for a man. I entered the women's. It was circular. I don't like this. Too much hidden in this shape. A straight one is much easier. One can see clearly what lays ahead. I listened to see if the man was coming, but silence from that end. Instantly rounding the circle, I saw a group of about seven women. I knew more than five, I guessed seven. They were rough in appearance. Laughing among themselves. They stopped abruptly and stared at me. I stopped immediately. Instinct kicked in. I had noticed their black clothes, their large sizes, their roughness, the chains on their pants, their black boots. Spinning, I left hurridly. They were trouble. They called out to me. You don't need to hear what they said. As I hurried to my SUV, I made a note to be grateful for Huntress. And to call the police as someone else might not be so lucky. Gangs are not desirable. People follow others as they lack strength and individuality to think. The "gang mentality"...The next time I cut through the park, I noticed the public bathrooms were locked and closed til spring. I was glad on that.
Always follow your instincts. They are rarely wrong. I have saved my own life as well as others by doing this. Thank you for your time.
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2 Responses Feb 25, 2013

This made me think of the different ways we each deal with these situations Cyn.What you did here was the right thing to do,the right action to take.In the same situation,except with men replacing women,I have a totally different approach.When I know stalkers are waiting for me,I head for them,get in their faces as much as possible without being outrightly aggressive,but to let them know Im not worried about the menace they wish to project.It works in my situation,because they rely on threat,the implied,rather than the deed.If they are loud,I am louder.If they swear,I swear longer.If I were to do as you did,it would be wrong in my situation and encourage them.In your situation you reacted as required,and as you say,huntress did well and averted who knows what if allowed to develop.Bren too has experience in these matters,very much so,strange how all three of us are clearer than most on these circumstances,how our lives have this in common.xxxxxxxxx

wow..thank you so much for this hon..and i am so relieved that you are a wise woman with loads of common sense..i hope many read this and understand that one must read a situation before entering..the consequences can be horrific..i love you so much..kissessssssssssssssssssss..xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Brens a great guy,full of loving kindness,my brother,and I love him too.....just curious though,whys he got one more x than me and not being called babycakes?hehehe ;)

well im going to have a word with bren and see if he will swap me babycakes for something of his instead....:)xxxxxxxxx ;)