I've never had a mentor. I was never very close with either of my parents or my brother. So I had to learn from books, and from watching the people and the things happening around me. Situational awareness, and lesson retention is everything. If one stops to pay attention to what's going on around them... there are learning opportunities constantly occurring... everywhere. These are some of the BIGGEST rules of thumb I've learned to get by:

1) Trust your gut.
2) The worst thing you could possibly do is NOTHING.
3) ALWAYS seek WISDOM. With wisdom, you get everything else you want.
4) Reciprocity exists, so send out only your absolute best.
5) If you don't know what to do... figure out everything you shouldn't do... what you are left with is what to do.
6) When in doubt... go up. If you can't go up, go left.

The most memorable things I recall my dad teaching me was how to build a flashlight, and how to pack a wheelbearing.
He never had a mentor either, and I sympathize. I'm fortunate that my upbringing wasn't as rough as his.

It's all good though. I'm not complaining, just telling my story. Everything happens for a reason.
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Thank you very much. I've imbibed much. There are great rules of thumb, I'll do my best!

I liked that, very insightful and true :)