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My Life.

being a crossdresser is to me the next best thing of my life next to being married to my wife.i have been dressing and going out for the past ten years and i travel dressed in the new york subway to go to my meet up group in manhattan ,so as you see being a cd is formost in my life.
phylisanne phylisanne 66-70, F 2 Responses Oct 11, 2011

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Those of us that recognize how important cross dressing is to our lives and accept it as an integral part of who we are, are the lucky ones. There is no doubt in our minds who we are and what that inner self means. Of course there are conflicts, as with any track a life takes and there are times of denial, but when we realize we like our feminine side, our feminine image, we embrace those little things that perhaps only we know. The things that define us. Like speaking with your boss, or your parent, while wearing panties under your male trousers.
We all reach a point where we just don't feel right unless we have on something that only a woman would wear. Something that if found out by another would be looked at with a wary eye at least, and with total unacceptance in the extreme.
And it can be wonderful.

Good for you..