Getting More, And More Difficult!

I have always dressed on, and off for most of my life.
Sometimes all the way, and sometimes as little as a pair of panties but as I am getting older I find my thoughts and desire to wear clothes more often.
My wife allows me to wear lingerie when we have sex but that's as far as we've gone as I don't really think she knows just how far I want to take it?
I keep slowly adding things to my wardrobe this week I ordered a corset which I just can't wait to try on!
I'm just happy that she is even somewhat accepting of my crossdressing.
The other problem and I really think that is why she is keeping me in check is because we still have kids in the house and if they found out I'm not sure how they would even handle it as my son thinks I'm the toughest guy in the world...only if he knew?
So I take what I can get when i can and enjoy the times that I do!!
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Very very interesting. I have children also. Two girls and a boy. The girls caught sight of me one time sun bathing in a Venus Swimwear thong (jaguar print of course). As much as my wife loves my kinky side, she would never (and I would never) want our kids to know about it. They also think I'm a hard ***

I agree the older the stronger and more comfortable the need to be dressed. Just bought a new bra and jeans and pantyhose today!

The older I get the stronger it gets for me too, I can totally relate!

Ask her to lock you in chastity and take another lover, you will love it and be totally addicted to her having others! Very hot!

No thank's Don't want to ruin a Great Thing!!
To each his own!

go girl and good for you. glad you have an accepting partner. I to am pushing what my partner will accept and I know Chrisitne will win out as she is stronger than Chris.

Thank you, and I do know how fortunate I am believe me!!<br />
Women like you, and her are very hard to find!!