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i am a cross dresser,,  i was 8 the time i strarted too,  now i,m divorced 10 years with two kids ,a girl and boy,,he lives with me too,hates my cross dressing with a vengence ..i married to keep my dad happy ,the family name etc ,,,peer pressure and all that,,  now all i want is a sex change and live who i was meant to be 57 years ago when i was born with the wrong parts. even as a toddler my mum said i was like it ,i wanted little dressess like my sisters ,,, my parents split when i was 5,,,my dad was polish and a real hard head for years ,,my mum knew i was into skirts all my life ,,,,  i dream every night of being a woman ,,but i need to be helped along my path bt a good freind on the same journey,,,xxxxx
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Bonjour Madame. (Yes. I'm French.)
First of all, I would like to say that you seems to be a gorgeous woman on your pic.
Second thing is that I understand how it has been a difficult life when you were not free to live your life as a girl.
I've French Friends who are transsexuals or cross-dressers. Their lives were never simple. (Parents, Friends, coworkers...) But when they had realised that their true life is in feminine body, they begin to be really happy.
Kiss from France.

oh excellent ,,i want to move to france to live asap , i would like to live in carcasson area in south if possible too,,oh yes ,,but pictures can be liars too, i still have a mainly male physiqe, it takes much hard work to hide it :) i thank you very much for your compliments ,,i wish i had done something many years ago ,then bynow i would be a full woman .xxxxx

i just had to say ,,,i love the french ,everything french ,,its just beautiful , xxxxx

thank you for your compliments,, i find my french friends far more understanding ,, france is such a cosmopolitan place compared to england ,,people are more open minded generally on most things ,,but i understand that parents everywhere find this very difficult to understand still ,, i personally get no grief or humiliating attitudes from my contacts when i,m in france ,they are all very accepting to me . France is far more exciting too in every way i can think of with wonderful art , fashions , historic places ,,,the list goes on ,,,i cannot wait to settle down there and enjoy wonderful companions and food too ,oh and must not forget good french wine too ,,better still fine port from bordeaux <3