Cross dressing is a big part of my life now i Been though so much telling my girlfriend and one of my daughters spending so much money on my girly stuff being on hormones being a woman is in my head and it wont leave it all i think about from the time i get up to the time i go to bed if i had 1 wish to get a lot of money or to be female i would pick being a woman it been my life since i was 10 year old women clothes are more comfy then men clothes i look better in women clothes then i do in men and when i am with a man and he does all the thing to me as he would do to a real female making love to as a woman well that why cross dressing is a big part of my life it will till the day i die
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1 Response Aug 31, 2014

so honest lovely i am copy pate a syou but need bigger breast ..