Some of It Is True

How British Are You? You Are 70% British Congrats, mate. You're are probably British.
(If not, definitely Australian. Or Kiwi. Or Canadian.)

You enjoy most aspects of mainstream British culture, without being stereotypical about it.
You also have a typical British temperament. You wouldn't dream of being impolite.

Actually I'm impolite most of the time, but the rest rings true. I'm a bit concerned that the quiz is promoting a stereotype, but maybe I'm taking it too seriously.

cyberkitty cyberkitty
5 Responses Feb 11, 2009

I dont think I qualified for this one .

I'm feeling quite American now :-) I'm ok with it, I am.... no, really I am ..... :-) hehehe! ~wink~

*lol*ancientcraft. :D same here.

Sorry to disappoint :(

Oh rh...I thought you were the real deal :-) Hmmm...only 70%?