Homecoming Regrets. I Cant Take Back The Past.

So the other night was Homecoming for me. I am sixteen and blogging is new to me. So I have a boyfriend and we have been going out for about 2 months but we have know each other and been friends for about three years. I went to homecoming with a friend as my date and not my boyfriend because my boyfriend is in college and he didn't seen to interested in coming. I had only the intentions of doing my own thing and what not. I went to the dance and had a great time. Then afterwards we went to this party at one of my friends date's house and we were having a great time and we all got **** faced( incredibly drunk), then later i ended up kissing my friend's date and i didn't even know i had done that until later my friends told me i did and i cried. I didn't want everything to happen the way it did. That's just how everything turned out. I really want to tell my boyfriend its just hard to put everything into words.I really like him and i hate myself for what i did, and nothing can make up for what i did but it happened. I don't know how to tell him everything, but I CANT not tell him. I cant rewrite history either.
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Was it just a kiss or did you do more? I wouldn't sweat it if it was just a kiss; but remember you could make worse decisions getting drunk and out of control.