What Would You Do If Someone Kept On Lying To You ????

What would you do if someone kept on telling you lie's who know there lie's because you have check it out and know what they are telling you are lie's. This person always claims to love you but will not allow you to go to school because they want you here with them. Oh sorry folks I should of explain what I was talking about first before I started. Well here it is I have a friend that is on another site and they have a friend they have been close for almost two year think were great at the beginning some where along the way it became closer and the became father son sorta thing. He the son had to be here 24/7 all day if the son had things to do the dad would hit the roof  so much so that if he had to go to school the dad would get mad saying he did not love him and make a big thing out of it.
The dad also made up stories about there friends dying which they did not really die. And the son has check out some of the stories he was told and there all lies there are time's when he say's he in hospital and when asked what hospital they quickly change the subject. And the odd I am dying sickness and threatening them with bodily harm if they are not on that site by a certain time. What would you do?  He knows  he should just leave and never talk to them again but they have threaten to kill themselves 

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Jan 18, 2013