I Am Learning To Be Girly

My wife is in the process teaching me to be femine. She forced me to buy several girl outfits and makeup.
dustymarbles dustymarbles
61-65, M
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Hi dustymarbels
Thats good you have a wife suport you and take you out shopping for clothing and makeup

Have fun!

There are several kinds of gaffs on line. Yes, they pull your male equipment down and back. Once put on you can not see or feel you male tools all is left is a camel toe. Type in the word crossdress<br />
and a world of info comes up.

Don't know how it works but I think it's a thing to hold the **** back out of lump making territory I think<br />
<br />
Fancy meeting you here, peza face

Yea, I have a couple real nice short skirts,a couple gaffs from judy's I purchased breasts 46DD from judy's the cross dressing store in mi.and a wig and makeup. She gave me a name deena.<br />
When I cook for her she made me put on a thong black gaff with apron and she sits at the bar and watches. Denna is beginning to take on her own personality. afer all she needs respect.