Ooh! They're After Me Lucky Charms!

As I so eloquently commented on someone's post:

"My name is Sinead and my parents were married in Ireland, where I was the flower girl(aka a leprechaun, obviously). I'm a traditional Irish bastard-child too. And I love beer!

Am I the Irishest? *glug*.... *buuuuuurp*

Plus I like the Pogues, and I'm not afriad to jig to traditional irish music either if only I knew how."

I forgot to add there was a bomb threat at the airport while I was there, no doubt a prodestant trying to assasinate a catholic. Or vice versa, I don't care which really, honestly.


But anyhow, the evidence rests, I'm obviously quite Irish n proud, which makes me even more Irish and yet still proud, I wonder..


So then I realize everyone else ahd taken a quiz, so I took the quiz aswell, as it turns out...

How Irish Are You? You're 90% Irish Congratulations, you're a shining example of an Irish lass (or lad).
There's hardly anyone more Irish than you!

Not even 100% then? Pogue mahone.

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GingerLily GingerLily
Feb 13, 2009