How Is Your Inner Child?

Your inner child is scared like a kid, you tend to shy away from new experiences. You prefer whats tried and true- novelty is scary!. New friends are difficult for you to deal with. Some say your predictable, but you enjoy being comfortable.

Some things yes i agree,, but the friends part, no i find it easy to make friends, and get along just fine.


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Cor!!! you were quick writing that,. hee!!!!! hee!!!!,. <br />
Yeah! they call him G man, i'll have to write the link to his radio show on here, then if you want to tune in, i can ask him to mention your names, over the internet,. yeah!!!! that woul be great wouldn't it?. (have to get the address now :-) )

How are things your end there, my friend?

oh how neat about your son. and pups can be a handful lol!

Lol. thank you very much for asking. My daughter and her partner have gone home now, and my son is on the local radio, doing his show, right now, :-) The pup, is driving us up the wall, lol, the older dog is jealous of him and it's like the pup knows, because he aggrivates, him something awefull, sometimes it's comical. to see but other times, omg, no. But one thing the pup is good for is a cwtch,. lol. in english that means cuddle. lol :-)

how are the kids welshy? and the pup?

TheLittlestHobo, thank you for your comment, my friend,.:-)

livelaughlove25, thank you my friend, the feeling is mutual, ( you've made me blush now, :-)). <br />
<br />
Take care MY friend

you are an awesome friend!!!!!!!!!!1

Glad to hear it! :)