I Want to Know

How kissable you think the following female EP member are:

And not in any particular order....



Moomouse (Notice there is no "N")



I say all of the above are 100% kissable. Although moomouse would have to move the cup...lol

chris914 chris914
46-50, M
13 Responses Jan 7, 2009

Oh yeah. I love kisses all over. I mean ALL over...

LOL mmmm all over kisses!!!! I am in for the fun.

you sexy devil.....

Be right there....

Chris .....come heir und suck my face ......!

Well....the only thing that matters really is that I get to watch....lol

i am so torn on which one of these beautiful ladies I would kiss. I don't know bgr so I am not sure but oh my I have always thought Mizz would be so hot to kiss to kiss because we are a lot alike. Now on a day that I was in a playful mood I might kiss Moo although that dayum cup nose is going to get in the way. Now if I am looking for n exotic kiss I am going to tear up some Leiza. There is really no comparison between us all other than we are all very hot and very sensual so anyone would be lucky to kiss any of us.

Mizzb....is there any way I could have all five? ;-)

What a choice!! Impossible...all are equal...well at least the ones I know...

Oh no -- I think for a naughty kiss -- Yep, that would be .... fungirl --- BUT to make it even better, you could ask whish TWO of the girls above would you like to see kiss?? (LMAO!!) Chris - you bring a really bad side out in me:)

Well, duh, I would be the most kissable, lol

I'm a good bad though....

OMG Chris you are so bad, cute but bad.