Autofellatio Or How I Learned To Give Myself A *******

The summer I was in eighth grade my friend Ben and I would chat on the phone about our ************ adventures.Two weeks before he was to leave for school, on Saturday because his parents were out I rode my bicycle 7 miles across town to Ben's. He had rigged up a pair of horse stirrups to a rafter in the attic so you could hang upside down and *** in your mouth.A surprise to me, after he demonstrated I was ready to check it out. Hanging from the stirrups it was an incredible sight to watch the long ribbon of *** as it shot forth stretching from my throbbing **** to my gapping mouth. I slurped it all up
The following week I planned my own surprise. With much patience and practice that week I had learned to blow myself and was eager to show off my new skill.
I taught my self by first bending over and touching my toes and working to touch my palms to the floor. Next I got used to lying on my back, hands over my head and bending to touch my hands. For inspiration I ended each practice session with my *** gushing head ever closer to my hungry lips. Finally I scooted up close enough to a wall to be able to press against it for the extra reach and with a pillow was able to take the head in my mouth. As the excitement built I was able to take in 3 inches. When I came first I heard the woosh of the hot juice rushing through my **** then it exploded against the back of my throat I lay back breathless and let the load slowly trickle down mt throat savoring every drop
The next Saturday Ben was amazed, He was able to get his head to his lips when I lifter his butt and was eager to practice more.
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If your not able to get that close try using a straw with one end in your mouth and the other pressed to your ****. I have done this on several occasions with great success. Just find the biggest diameter straw and put it to good use. The length depends on just how close you can or cannot get.

I wish I was still limber enough to do that. Oh, the pleasures of youth! Now I get mine "second hand", so to speak; but, I still swallow it all. Notthing like a *** filled mouth.

The wau you explained it was similar to what I did. I rolled my legs up over my head, arching my back, lifting my head a little, then putting it in my mouth. I got about 3 or 4 inched of it. I sucked on it til it exploded filling my mouth with all of it. I then pulled and milked the rest letting it drip down into my mouth. I did this a number of times, it was fantastic.