Eating My ***

After many failed attempts and i mean many, I finally tasted my *** several years first i wasn't sure i liked the taste but it wasn't bad tasting either so I tried a few more times and now I like to swallow my load every time...I have also since taken *** from a few other cd friends and i do enjoy it

jamie2cd jamie2cd
56-60, M
3 Responses Mar 15, 2010

In my teens after I tasted my *** for the first time it wasn't long before I figured out how to give myself a BJ. Not as flexible as I was back then but its still finger licking good!

yess<br />
ı agree wıth you thts so tasty :)<br />
ı wısh ı can taste how delıcıous yours *** :)

The first *** I ever tasted and swollowed was my own but must admit my friends *** taste even better!