I Buy The Lingerie

because I know what looks good on her and what feels good to me against my skin and my tongue.  I am anti-cotton, I even cut it out of the crotches of some of the panties we have ( yes I said "we").  I have no problems going in anywhere and picking out a babydoll or panties for my wife, usually I get middle-aged women to help me at SEARS or Macy's.  I love to blow their minds.  We'll be at  SEARS picking out some Vanity Faith nylon full-cut panties for my wife, size 6, then I will pick another pair, same color, size 8 and the saleslady says "oh sir that is the wrong size" and then with a wink I look at her and smiling say "oh not for me, my wife and I wear matching panties, by the way where is the pantyhose?"

Pantied house-hubby

PantyPrince PantyPrince
51-55, M
Feb 16, 2010