Forgetful Me

I don't advertise that I am a transvestite and make reasonable efforts to appear "normal" in public places. I'll wear drab or dress down with women's shorts or jeans at times which usually result in little or no attention.

At times, however, I may suddenly need to go on a quick trip to Wal Mart, the grocery, Lowe's or somewhere else. A quick change into a man's t-shirt & jeans, removal of my breast forms (I'll usually still keep my bra on) & I'm out the door. On too many occasions, I realize later that I still have my earrings & lipstick on! The earrings I have are all medium to long length & are a bit flashy. They're definitely NOT a stud type most guys will wear. My lipstick is usually glossy clear or a light glossy rose...I save the bright red for certain events...but up close either is noticeable.

To my knowledge, none of my neighbors, friends or co-workers have seen me like this. I've received quite a few "double takes" from people, especially female cashiers & clerks. They usually smile and I can see their mind working trying to figure things out. It's then that I realize "Oops! I forgot to remove something". I do receive a charge in from these unintended exposures, but shudder to think what might happen if certain people ran into me like this.
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You know what you do accidentally is what I hit on as a way to risk letting the world know about CDing me. That is, I deliberately let such hints of my cross dressing be visible - though some times I think it is too subtle - just so some might notice. I have been most encouraged by the lack of negative response.

Well I must confess I am one of the folks that know, but you know why.

I LOVE wearing perfume, and sometimes I'll forget that I doused myself in perfume just a few hours ago, and I'll go out to run errands. I've gotten some very strange looks from people when they realize that delightfully feminine fragrance is coming from ME!

I hare your pain, no joy!