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Just Curious

I know a lot of girls nowdays don't wear panties at all. The same was true back in my school days. I'm just wondering how many girls go commando.

1962michael 1962michael 46-50, M 2 Responses Apr 29, 2010

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I work in a school district maintenance dept, and cutting through the cafeteria is an eye breaker, you can't stare or even be seen looking, But when the girls are all around the lunch tables either whale tail or plumbers crack (no panties show) and just the other day I had to fix the aftercare locker cabinet doubledoor locker they keep toys and games for the young kids. the after care girl tall brunett tight but meaty came over to show me the locker door hinge was broken off at the spot welds, She bent over and her jeans just let allot of *** crack show and i could have dropped grapes down there. I had to turn away and wipe my chin, Even 20 year old girls are doing it. I can only wonder how many just out of colledge these young beautiful teachers go commando under their long skirts and skin tight tan dockers, I never see panty lines now a days.

I is not their pretty legs they show?