Time To Try Again....

How many things can you do with a string of Christmas lights?

Let the games begin....   ;)
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5 Responses Dec 7, 2012

We can play glimmering limbo rock.

Hit it, Scoobs and play us some tunes...

I took mine and started at the bottom. I wove them in and out and around turning them into the most beautiful dream catcher in the world. After all isn't Christmas about dreams and dreaming?

Then I tied Sylphy up with them...

Whaaaa...?! Keep dreamin', Scoobs... keep dreamin'...

*wiggles out of christmas lights* Ain't faerie sparkly enough?

What's with all these tying up business with the lights? Everyone into that kinda thing, huh?

Looove your games, Taken... but what can we do with christmas lights?
Use each bulb and do "She/He loves me... she/he loves me not". And when we reach the end and we don't like the end result... heck, hook another! It's the season... if Santa can't give us what we want, then we make it happen.

Seeeee... *squeeshes you both* love ya to pieces!

Wrap them around the cat for a festive puss ... might not stay still very long ... and will be very pissed off after a while ... but will be fun and can take a photo ... and it's not cruel ... the cat's an exhibitionist ... he'll love having his photo taken!!

A festive puss? That reminds me of something Mrs. Slocombe (Are You Being Served?) might say...

Ohhh... puss...! Faerie almost went 'eeeww'. :P***

yes, Mrs. Slocombe was very fond of her ***** wasn't she? lol

**laughing at Sylphy**

You can run a hot wire from your fuse panel and place a string or two on the rear window deck of your car - connect the other wire of the lights to most any metal/ground in the vehicle.