Wtk... How Many Of You Love Being Your Current Size (height/weight Plz)... Do You Wanna Be Bigger?

Me, I'm 5-11 1/2 245 lbs.. I wanna get to about 270 by next December... I love the gym, powerlifting and all that. Most of all, for this topic, I love being big period. How about all of you?
BlackSuperman BlackSuperman
36-40, M
2 Responses Jul 6, 2012

Ima be that size... even with this injury.. Ima have all my strength back, etc...<br />
being around 270... that will be a wild sight to see...

Heeeell yeah! Being big is awesome. I'm the same height, about 215lbs. Not huge yet, but getting there. People treat you differently when you're large. The ladies love it and the fellas respect it. Some guys feel threatened by it and exhibit passive aggressive behaviour, and then there's the whole 'buffed dudes are dumb stereotype', but as they say.. 'haters gon' hate!' :) Good luck getting to 270 by next December, that'll be craaazy huge