36% Phobic

You Are 36% Phobic
Scared? You? Not really. Everyone has a few normal phobias, and you're no exception.
It's okay to be afraid of a few things. You wouldn't be human if you weren't.

My biggest phobia is heights!!!!!! :-)
welshbabe welshbabe
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4 Responses Jul 10, 2010

I can absolutely relate to your fear my young friend!!, it is aweful the feeling if you are up really high i know!! i was on a rife this Summer just gone" and i was crying to get off!! it was terrifying!! honestly it really was!!! Thank you for your comment!! :-)

I know exactly what you mean when you say!, " you clung to that telegraph pole" omg!!! my legs are going funny by here, thinking of it! ha!! ha!! They say "to conquer" your fear, is to face it head on, :-) Sounds like you have done that, my friend! well done, good for you!, :-) You are braver than me!!, ha!!! ha!!! :-) Yet years ago, i thought nothing about going on the "highest roller coaster" now!! omg!! no!!!!!! <br />
Thanking you, soooo! much for your feedback Roxanne1960, :-)

Wb, I share the same phobia. I worked for BT many moons ago and in my first I had to climb a 45 foot telegraph pole. At the top I clung onto it as if I was squeezing the life out of it.<br />
I guess I got over the phobia as I went onto do a parachute jump a few years later.

I know how you feel with the spiders, my friend, :-( My daughter is absolutely terrified of them and my mother suffered the same phobia as you, the early hours of the moprning, she used to say to me, "she would be wide awake at that time wishing it was the miorning" it was so aweful listening to her, she was really frightened of that time,. I'm so, sorry to read of your exact phobia, my friend i know it is terrible!!! :-( <br />
Thank you for your comment, :-)