Ha!.. I Have Secrets!

You Are 72% Pure

Well, you're not exactly an angel - but you're pretty darn close.

You don't have much of a naughty past... nothing all that scandalous anyway.

But there's a good chance you have a couple juicy secrets deep in your closet!

You've had a couple wild adventures. And you probably keep the details to yourself.

theredlady theredlady
41-45, F
5 Responses Apr 25, 2010

LOL figures this is what would bring you out of the wood work E. I don't really believe in these.. they pass the time.

LOL didn't think I was that pure... I guess I am.

Yeah totally =)

Hehehe you think so?...

HAHAHAHAHAHA seems to fit you erfectly Red HEHEHEHE =)