Hopeless Romantic

You're a hopeless romantic. You require ample doses of warmth and sentiment. You embroider your fantasies; they titillate you and lift you out of the ordinary. You're the cockeyed optimist of song, a dreamy, maybe impractical idealist, the willing victim of infatuation.


This much I knew already.

MiaMyopic MiaMyopic
22-25, F
6 Responses Feb 20, 2010

de nada Mia

Gracias profavor :)

y yo tambien. Mia tu eres verdad.

Tu tambien :)

Haha, I am sipping on some coffee, so I will sip to that, cheers chica!

Gracias Butterfly<br />
<br />
*sighs*<br />
<br />
Como es la vida verdad.