Love My Handcuffs

Would like to know how you came to own a set of handcuffs. Not the fuzzy, toy kind, but real, police style cuffs. Were they a gift ? Did you go to a store and purchase them ? Online buy ?   Was it for your own personal use on yourself ? Was it to use on a lover ? Are you male or female ? Did you buy them on your own or were you asked to get them by someone ?

For me, I bought my first pair to use on my lover. Didn't really know much about D/s at the time, just liked some light bondage play and wanted to take it up a notch from using her nylons or whatever rope was around the house. Also, like how quickly they can be put on and taken off. Then there is the sound they make.  The clicking of the ratchet as they are applied. The sound they make while being worn. Knowing they are inescapable. Feeling the cold steel. Love 'em. You ?

GMAN1913 GMAN1913
46-50, M
Feb 10, 2010