What is it to you? Why do humans need it so desperately? Where can we find a genuine giver of it, apart from ourselves and religious idols?

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TheRealWoman TheRealWoman
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5 Responses Mar 18, 2009

Love is a big word. I think we need love so much because it helps us in life. It makes us feel good and it makes us feel wanted. If you werent wanted in life then there would be nothing to live for. I think we all need to be loved by some one.

Love means to give of yourself to another. I am not necessarily talking about physical gifts, but when we share our emotions, our body, our minds, and our true "back stage" self with that other person.

Love, is after the heat, after the lust, it's knowing all the faults and still wanting to be with that person more than anyone. thinking about that person in what ever it is your doing. having them be the first thing on your mind in the morning and the last thing at night. The word love is thrown around to loosely the meaning gets diminished and frivolous. True love is not a passing thing...

Love is at the very root of our being. It causes happiness and pain. All are learning experiences. Someone once said<br />
Love is something so devine words but make it less<br />
Tis what I feel but can't define, Tis what I know and yearn to express

Love, to me, is nuturing others-making them feel less ****** up by being here-Love is creating an interest in life. <br />
We need love to meet intimate needs, friendship needs-of course we want our parents to love us...but mostly, I think it is to feel less alone. <br />
Where can we find it besides ourselves...Geez. If I knew that I would be the most loved, and most loving person in the world right now...