One of the Worst Words In the English Language...

This word is degrading, insulting and just plain crass in my opinion...I know a lot of women and men who feel the same way...

How do you feel about the 4 letter word ****?

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8 Responses Mar 19, 2009

What word would you prefer to use??? It's how and in what context it is used.

Have you ever heard the tasteless joke that the word is an acronym for "Can't Understand Normal Thinking?" If I were a woman, I probably would not think it funny. But then, women often use sexually-oriented names to describe and insult men. It's about time that men and women should start respecting each other, but I don't know when (or if) that will ever happen...

I am not a fan of the word. A guy friend used it recently, but called it "the c-word." Obviously he didn't even feel comfortable saying it... There are other words to use if you are talking about your anatomy. The fact that so many people have taken the beauty of a female organ and turned it into something derogatory bugs me. Women are beautiful and I don't like their bodies being used in such a manner.

Hate it, never use it and avoid people who do..It is just me, but I think that is the most offensive word in the language..not inaccurate as it clearly defines the user and their opinion of women, but absolutely crude..

I grew up with it meaning "unamicable, mean cad", but I do flinch when it is used in anger at a woman.

I think any word that implies a negative connotation is not a good thing. Who uses the word and intent is also an issue.

I agree completely...when a woman uses it, it's like she is going against an unwritten female bond or something.

I really dislike it and regard is as a derogatory comment about women. I have come close to reporting someone for using it on EP. When it is used by a woman it offends me even more.