One Of My Buddies Found A Guy Who Looks Like Hubs Online!! That Makes Today Special!! :)

I LOVE my buddies!!!  I do...I truly DOOO...Right in the middle of writing  something that wasn't really of my much loved and appreciated buddies sent me THIS!!  She totally went in search of a "hubs-look-a-like" and FOUND  one!!  YAYYYY for good researching skills. I didn't even know this many men who resembled hubs EXISTED!!  I've only seen a couple of men who looked like him but I'll be darned there are a BUNCH of them around!!  The first guy on this looks the most like him.....Not a twin but pretty similar!!  Hubs mouth is smaller...and his eyes are more Asia.... cause he is half Japanese. Hubs   eyes are a little  bigger then this guys, but still more Asian, whatever..hub's is GORGEOUS.... 

It made my whole day watching this tho cause I do totally think Native  Americans  ROCK!!  They are a beautiful bunch of peeps!! So are the Japanese too!!

So for anybody who has ever wondered what looking4mywife... kinda looks like  here  is a pretty close match!!  The HAIR is  EXACT!!  The body is pretty close too but hubs has a little more definition on his abs and arms cause of all the martial arts he  teaches!!

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To the person...who will remain un-named... *cause you don't get to advertise yourself or your mean spirited stupidity on my threads*....I am onto that trick!! I deleted you :D<br />
<br />
Calling hubs a f'ing savage is more of a compliment then insult.....:D I think it's a shame you don't feel good enough about yourself to appreciate others. There 's meds for that stuff now ya know....Just trying to help....<br />
<br />
If you come back with more insults I'll keep deleting them and block you....No sweat off my butt....only takes a second...Have a good day!! ;)

All that nice stuff on here and somebody has to try to rain on your parade because they are unhappy. Good for you sie.
Also, I've got to thank that person for causing you to comment today because I had totally missed this

Awww hugs and hugs tommy.....Some of these folks are crazier then a **** house and meaner then a rabid rat. I delete them!! They don't deserve any better!

Oh Jeez Vignette you TOTALLY nailed him with the desc<x>ription.....Quiet strength, confident resolve and clam spirit......PERFECT!! Thanks ... :)<br />
How cool that you got to spend time with a Native American family....They honestly are beautiful folks!

Thanks so much hillbillycrone!! :)

You have a very striking Hubs dear one~ :-) Enjoy~

looking4, I am!! I think al these years of livin with a "rough guy" has sorta rubbed off on me...... :) Gosh knows you rub"on" me enough to help that happen!! ROFLMAO!! I just sorta "fell" into that one! Come to think of it...You've "rubbed off" on me a few times too!! I'll stop now..I'm just going from bad to worse!! :D

Sie--<br />
You are indeed made of--tougher stuff--

AWw thanks WO!! It's cool to know what I write can sometimes make folks smile!! That ROCKS!! :)

myaah, Yuppers you can!! I'd tell the story of how we met but folks wouldn't believe it! <br />
Thanks for saying we look nice. You're super pretty too! Not that it matters.....I love folks no matter how they look. Nobody knows if they'll look the same tomorrow so it never pays to get too self absorbed in stuff like that.<br />
<br />
I think your right about the "hater-folk" too.....Most of them need a job, hobby or some meds.. :O

i can give a first hand opinion on this. the dude in the clip does look like k. maybe a little younger but not by much. i think k's hair is longer. i have met both cc and k up close and personal. beautiful people, both of them. cc is every bit as good looking as k.they make a great couple.<br />
<br />
k, this is the 2nd thursday i been in and you be going off about some numb fukk. the hate sucks but you have to know that they got nothin better to do then hate. they chase everybody off and all they got left is a keyboard so they try to play hard *** on the internet. its pathetic and like you always tell cc. scrape the worthess fukks off and keep having a good time with your wife.

myaah--Thank you. You are very correct in stating Sie is a stunning woman! I feel you are quite accurate in your overall summation of why these individuals elect to behave as they do.

Sie--<br />
Thank you--my love--<br />
for all of your words of praise.<br />
Thank you to all--for such kind compliments.<br />
Thanks--as well to your friend for her efforts in sending you this.<br />
I am deeply appreciative of the interest.<br />
<br />
I would all too proudly and quite easily offer posting the image of a performer--<br />
who resembles my striking wife.<br />
But after reading the jealous remark of another on Sie's very--<br />
fun loving post--<br />
regarding her navel charm--<br />
I chose to refrain from giving--<br />
envious hags additional reasons to attack my lovely wife.<br />
At this point--<br />
I am utterly disgusted with the amount of envy and hate that surfaces towards one who never seeks to harm others.<br />
My wife--<br />
is the mildest and most sincerely loving individual--<br />
whom I have ever enjoyed the pleasure of knowing.<br />
I am sorry Sie--<br />
for mentioning this on such a pleasant thread.<br />
I am merely venting my own disgust.

Awww, thanks rough guy....hugs &amp; ♥ ♥ ♥'s
I'm wayy happier with no pics of me!!
I'm sorry your all bummed out with the mean folks lately. Some of them don't even want to come to terms with just how rude and mean they are....It does start to get old. I've had a few close buddies leave because they didn't want to deal with the crap anymore. I figured I was made of tougher stuff and could handle it but it does start to suck the fun right out of things after awhile. :(

Aww thanks Liz. I was sooo glad to see you when I came in this morning!! I wanna hear alllll about all the fun you're havin!! ♥

Jacee.... :D All my wiggles are wiggled with him in mind!! I could go off on a TOTAL Dr. Seuss binge with this now!!<br />
<br />
Grins that giggle<br />
waggles that wiggle<br />
and all the fun faziggle.. <br />
<br />
I TOTALLY gotta stop now* I'm makin up words!! But Seuss did that too right? :D

jacee....yuppers....that keeps my grin grinnin!! :D

Grin grinning and your wiggle wiggling.........sounds like a winning combination to me :-D wonder you're smiling all the time. Very sexy.

Aww thanks affinity....He's real easy on the eyes!! ;)

Aww that would have been fine..The guy looks like hubs but he isn't so comment away!! :D

Oh cool that guy...It would be a riot if it was hubs!! :D

AWW Jeez..One of my buddies just told me I should have parked this story in the,<br />
"I Love Native American Men" Group...... *smacks head* I forgot all about that group!! <br />
Ditzy-ness just rules my days sometimes!! :D

Aww Thanks lil yellow birdie!! bummer on not being able to see it...:( Hubs will get a kick out of it. He'll remind me this guy, in the vid, doesn't have a silver streak going down the one side tho.... cause I always comment on how pretty it is just floating down the side of all that silky black hair!! :)

I can't watch it but it's great that it made you happy! I hope your hubs isn't jealous. ;-)