One Child Dead, Two Children Burned

A woman in Rochester left her three children unattended in her apartment with food cooking on the stove. The oldest child was three.

She left them to walk 1 n 1/2 miles to a convenient to get beer. The aprtment caught fire.

One child had died. The other two have burns over 60% of their bodies.

Would a class or two have helped this poor woman understand about child rearing better?

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8 Responses Feb 12, 2010

Terrible, horrible, irresponsible parent but a class would go in one ear and out the other and do no good.

SHe left the children alone to walk 1.5 miles to purchase beer.

Why did this woman leave her children alone? How can we, or anyone Judge this person, until we know the full and complete story. I suggest we hear what she has to say, first? We can't force every parent in the nation to take classes based on one incident. Do we want to convict all possible parents based on the failure of one? Do we have the right to forbid anyone from having children? Free Countries don't do this!

Jojewel hit the nail on the head. They don't care.

Unfortunately, classes won't help those that don't care.

It's very sad we live in a society that places so little value on our children. I've often thought how people get licensed for rather silly things ... like hunting & fishing .... but ANYONE can be a parent. I don't know if classes would help either. Mimi is correct. You can't teach common sense.

The grandmother's comment was the worst. Stating that it was ridiculous for her daughter to be charged at all. The mother got 1.5 in jail and possible probation if decided for no time served.

This makes me sick. I don't know if a class would help. Can you teach common sense? Maybe we have to make it mandatory.