Ummm ..

Selfishly it would be my past .. I have so many memories that keep me awake, so much I regret.

For the world in general I would change perspective so that for everyone spiritual values are far more precious than material ones

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How wonderfull!

every thign you have ever went thru or done was a step that made u who you are....if u changed one thing about your past u wud end up completley different, and it may not be for the better....i wish 2 the perspectives of the world would change...the wrong things are amplified and exhaulted. Spiritual is mistaken for fantasy and pain and sorrow are the onli perception of reality....where did the love go???

I may enroll as your student Zunegle

People's view of and attitude toward the "material".<br />
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Love and peace, lady T

As we are reminded over and over by spiritual teachers, the point of power is always in the present moment. I have to believe that what happened in the past is all part of a Divine Order that I may not understand right now, but that everything is unfolding as it should.<br />
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I hope you find peace about your regrets, Tassie.

What a different world it could be. Thanks Tasmin.

Yes, but remember the question is FOREVER!<br />
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You might find you miss that orange and like the option of changing it back someday Wilma dear

I've been pondering too. I can't change my past though I can use my past to make choices so that I won't regret the outcome in the future.

Changing our past is changing our present. I would completely change the way I cope with my regrets.<br />
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Spirituality instead of materialism is spot on Tas.<br />
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Your post has left me pondering. Just what a post should do. Thank you.

Haha .. some things need a bit of thought

Thank you glow :)

Very good choices. :)

Hmm, Ok glow, I will write a story <br />
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georgeg, that would be a wonderful change

mankinds ability to hate

Yes. You're not allowed to create a group and be indecisive about your story. I don't think that's legal.